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They purpose of typical preschool students is to serve as positive peer models for the special education preschool students.  Typical preschool students and special education preschool students are placed in the same classrooms to provide the least restrictive learning environment for all students.


Typical preschool students are between the ages of three and five, and MUST be potty trained.  If the student is five years old as of August 1 of the upcoming school year they are NOT eligible for preschool and must go to Kindergarten.


Typical preschool students attend two days a week, either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.  There are no preschool classes in session on Wednesdays. Classes begin at 8:50 and are dismissed at 3:20.


The tuition for a Typical preschool student is $12.00 per day of attendance, and may be paid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


There are a limited number of typical preschool students placed every year. Conesville Elementary and Warsaw Elementary are each able to accept eight typical students per year.  For this purpose a waiting list has been established and is used to place students into the classes.  Placement on the waiting list does not guarantee placement in the preschool classroom.  Depending on the needs of the classroom learning environment a child that is on the waiting list may be skipped (such as a three year old boy) if the classroom needs more girls or older students to balance the class.  A child will remain on the waiting list for possible placement the following school year, until they reach Kindergarten age. 


Preschool students must have a current physical and dental exam on file, to have occurred within the last twelve months. 


Students living in the Conesville or Keene areas will attend Conesville Elementary, and students living in the Warsaw area will attend Warsaw Elementary.



***Open Enrollment for Typical Preschool classes is not allowed***


To place your student on the waiting list please contact the appropriate Elementary School and speak with the secretary or teacher, or you are welcome to email them as well.


Conesville Elementary School      PH: 740-829-2334

Secretary: Lisa Crawford


Preschool Teacher: Jennifer Hahn



Warsaw Elementary School     PH: 740-824-3727

Secretary: Sallie Gates

Secretary Email:

Gloria Cullison: Preschool Teacher 



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