Preschool-Early Childhood Education (Income Based Eligibility)


Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education

Income based eligibility


Early Childhood Education Grant (ECE) entitlement programs provide high-quality early learning preschool services in order to prepare children for success in kindergarten.


Children who qualify for the ECE preschool classroom will attend preschool four full days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  There are no preschool classes in session on Wednesdays.  School begins at 8:50 and is dismissed at 3:20.  Tuition fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on where the family falls on the federal poverty guideline chart.


Students living in the Conesville or Keene areas will attend Conesville Elementary, and students living in the Union or Warsaw areas will attend Warsaw Elementary.


We will accept open enrolled students, on a year by year basis, if we have placed all River View Students who have applied. You will need to complete the open enrollment application along with the River View ECE Application and the JFS  01121 Eligibility Screening Tool.


Bussing will be available from Keene to Conesville and Union to Warsaw for River View resident students only. 


Program Eligibility Requirements

The student must be four years old as of August 1st.


The student cannot be Kindergarten eligible.

(5 years old on or before August 1st)


The family must meet income eligibility requirements.

**Guidelines were updated February 2019**

 (See Federal Poverty Guidelines)  


There may be a tuition charge per day, based on poverty level. 

(See Tuition Sliding Scale)


Income Eligible Preschool Application Process

Complete the required forms and turn into the Main office at either Conesville or Warsaw Elementary schools.



**Applications that are incomplete or do not have all required documentation included will not be considered for placement until they are complete.




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