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Special Education Preschool


The purpose of the Special Education Preschool is to offer preschool services to children between the ages of three and five with a documented disability in one of the following categories:





Hearing impairment

Multiple disabilities

Orthopedic impairment

Other health impairment

Speech and language impairment

Traumatic brain injury

Visual impairment

Developmental delay


Families that have concerns in one or more of these areas may request preschool assistance by contacting the Office of Special Programs at 740-824-3523.


All students being evaluated for special education preschool services will be evaluated in the following areas, through the use of standardized testing:



Cognitive ability

Fine and Gross motor skills

Adaptive behavior

Social emotional development


The evaluation team is made up of you, the parent, qualified school personnel, care givers, and anyone who has information that may be relevant the report.  The team will gather information about your child by way of parent input, observation, direct assessment, parent interviews, rating scales, and record reviews.


When the evaluation is complete, the team will hold an Evaluation Team Report meeting (ETR) to review the results of the evaluation and determine if your child qualifies for special education preschool services.


Once it has been determined that your child qualifies for services, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting will be held within 30 days of the ETR to determine the services your child specific needs and placement to support your child's learning in the best way possible.


Students who qualify for special education preschool services will attend either two or four days a week, depending on each child's individual needs.  Qualified students attend tuition free.


Preschool students attend a full day and classes are held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and begin at 8:50 and dismiss at 3:20.


Typically students that live in the Conesville and Keene area attend Conesville Elementary, and students in the Warsaw area attend Warsaw Elementary.  In some cases a student's disability requires a different educational setting and the team will make the decision as to where to best serve that child's needs.  


Vision and hearing checks are completed several times during the school year by the district nurse, and referrals for more comprehensive examinations are sent home if needed.  Preschool students are required to have or have had a physical and dental examination within the last 12 months.


***Open Enrollment for special education preschool students is not allowed.***




If you would like to request an Educational Team Meeting (ETM) to discuss weather or not your child may have a suspected disability or if you have any questions please contact:


Sheri Fortune - Director of Special Programs  

          Phone: 740-824-3521 ext. 1306



Julie Richard - Special Programs Administrative Assistant

          Phone: 740-824-3523 ext. 1357




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