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PRIMARY ELECTION EXTENDED TO APRIL 28, 2020 Create your own absentee ballot
Keene All-Call for Parents 4/1/2020
March 30th District All-Call
Update: March 30th, 2020 Closure:  April 6-May 1
Zoom Video Conferencing District Letter
All Call for Monday, March 23
COVID-19 Update from the Coshocton County Health Department
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 Keene Staff Email Addresses 



  Denise Lapp     denise.lapp@rvbears.org


First Grade

  Terra Sue Baughman     terrasue.baughman@rvbears.org

  Nicole Raber     nicole.raber@rvbears.org


Second Grade

  Diane Daugherty     diane.daugherty@rvbears.org

  Andrea Walsh     andrea.walsh@rvbears.org


Third Grade

  Jodi Andrews     jodi.andrews@rvbears.org

  Kirsten McPeck     kirsten.mcpeck@rvbears.org


Fourth Grade

  Kathy Bigrigg     kathy.bigrigg@rvbears.org

  Stephanie Kopec     stephanie.kopec@rvbears.org


Fifth Grade

  Tonya Corbett     tonya.corbett@rvbears.org

  Shawn Hart     shawn.hart@rvbears.org


Sixth Grade

  Cari Bahmer     cari.bahmer@rvbears.org

  Gwenna Neal     gwenna.neal@rvbears.org


Special Education

  Taisha Kaspar     taisha.kaspar@rvbears.org

  Tom Lyne     tom.lyne@rvbears.org

   Kelly Rinkes     kelly.rinkes@rvbears.org


Reading Specialist

  Tiffany Haines     tiffany.haines@rvbears.org



  Rachel Barnett     rachel.barnett@rvbears.org



  Beth Hamersley     beth.hamersley@rvbears.org

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