Building Our Bears Summer Programing for Elementary Students


The Summer Programing will begin on Tuesday, June 1 promptly at 9:00. For those of you who indicated bus transportation was needed will receive an all call detailing the following stops listed.   

Please be at the stops 5 minutes early during the first few days to allow our bus drivers a few extra minutes with these new routes.


Bus #50, Chris Barrick


Keene Elementary

Drop off 8:08 am, pick up 1:44 pm

Canal Lewisville Church

Drop off 8:16 am, pick up 1:34 pm

Roscoe parking lot on Whitewoman Street

Drop off 8:26 am, pick up 1:24 pm


Drop off 8:36 am, pick up 1:14 pm

Pleasant Valley Fire Station

Drop off 8:40 am, pick up 1:10 pm



Bus #34, Michelle Dickerson


RVHS Administration Building Parking Lot

Drop off 7:12 am, pick up 2:46 pm

Warsaw Elementary

Drop off 7:19 am, pick up 2:39 pm

Nellie at the old school

Drop off 7:27 am, pick up 2:31 pm

Newcastle at the church

Drop off 7:37 am, pick up 2:21 pm

Twp 411 and SR 79

Drop off 7:57 am, pick up 1:41 pm

Fallsburg Twp House(by the old pizza shop)

Drop off 8:07 am, pick up 1:51 pm

Tunnel Hill Twp House( near sub station)

Drop off 8:28 am, pick up 1:30 pm


If you have questions feel free to call/text Niki Wine, Site Coordinator, at 740-610-3511. Thank you!!!

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